4 Ways to Make Your Wireless Network Easier to Manage

by Duncan McNabb, on Feb 27, 2019 3:05:25 PM

When managing a wireless network in a high-density area, such as a school or business, we all know the aches and pains that can go along with handling everything just right. With so many devices across so many rooms, it can feel daunting to figure out a way to run the whole system effectively while also following proper safety and privacy guidelines.


Here are a few tips for setting up a new wireless network:

1. Use a product that provides consolidated dashboards. Overseeing platforms for security devices, access points, switches and so on can be cumbersome to monitor. Appliances that talk to each other through one dashboard are easier to maintain and offer unique insights into network traffic. Plus, remote access through one dashboard facilitates easier multi-site management.

2. Design your network with scalability in mind. Managing the growth of devices on any network— whether you are a small school or a business with 100,000 plus users— is a challenge for any IT team. Hardware that’s scalable allows for easier expansion at lower costs. Pre-configuration allows for faster upgrading with less manpower.

3. Look for future-proof features. Features likes automatic hardware and firmware updates decrease maintenance while securing your network against the latest threats, resulting in better return on your investments.

4. Plan for advanced control over wireless access points. Hardware like PoE-capable switches provide per port visibility and control over distributed wireless access points without additional equipment. Moreover, purchasing access points that can be swapped out for a new ones with just a quick plugin and automatic configuration saves you hours of installation and reconfiguration.

Springboard IT partners with Cisco Meraki, offering various wireless network solutions that are built to handle high density and BYOD environments ideal for businesses and schools. We're here for you, to make sure your wireless network is running at its very best. Let us help maximize your networking abilities while minimizing both the time and cost restraints an ineffective system can place on your IT department and users.

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