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How board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Bloom opened a new office with thoughtful IT Planning


About BFPS

Bloom Facial Plastic Surgery is nestled in the heart of the Main Line, just outside of Philadelphia. Dr. Bloom and his team specialize in offering the most advanced treatments. The practice’s mission is to deliver to all patients the most advanced cosmetic and facial surgery techniques and technologies, coupled with the highest level of outcomes in a caring and safe atmosphere.

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The Challenge

Opening a brand new practice has many moving parts and Bloom Facial Plastic Surgery wanted IT to operate smoothly without interruptions for staff and clients. Dr. Bloom wanted friendly and easy to understand support for his staff, and strategy for the growing business’s technology and risk.

The Goals

  • Device and network security
  • Complete IT partner that feels like an internal resource
  • Set up new business IT resources/services 
  • Responsive support for the incoming team
  • Ongoing IT Strategy and direction

The Strategy

As they were preparing to open their doors and welcome their first clients, Bloom Facial Plastic Surgery met with Springboard to discuss the needs of not only the infrastructure but the aesthetic in their office.  A plan was set into motion to configure and set up their office and technology while the space was being created. Between Springboard’s two teams, Springboard IT and Springboard Automation, the new office was completely wired and a network was installed. Springboard IT worked to get all IT infrastructure setup for the new practice such as email, file sharing, computers, and endpoint protection

With ongoing Managed IT Services, has device management, proactive network monitoring, unlimited help desk support, regular IT advisement, and more.  Springboard worked with Bloom Facial Plastic Surgery to implement an IT lifecycle management plan to ensure their hardware was up to date and easily budgeted.

The Takeaway

Bloom Facial Plastic Surgery can focus on changing lives while trusting in a full service IT partnership to set them up for success from the start and to keep it going. Ensuring the security and efficiency of the IT operations allows the practice to deliver on their promises with fewer distractions and faster resolutions. 

BFPS believes in and uses technology to make their patients lives better everyday -- something Springboard takes pride supporting. 

Technology Initiatives

  • Technology Deployment/Lifecycle
  • Remote Support
  • Proactive Managed IT Services
  • JAMF Device Management Pan
  • Technology Risk Management
  • End Point Protection
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Springboard has provided my practice a comprehensive IT plan that keeps my office running smoothly and allows me to focus on the things that matter…like taking care of patients.
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Dr. Jason Bloom, Owner @ Bloom Facial Plastic Surgery