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How an emergency animal hospital reduced their technology risks with proactive IT support.

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CARES (Center for Animal Referral and Emergency Services) is a 24-hour Emergency Veterinary Care Hospital in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Above all, they believe pets come first. They are dedicated to the compassionate, empathetic, and informative care of animals and will treat your pet as their own.


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The Challenge

As a 24-Hour Emergency Hospital relying on technology for everything from patient check-ins to X-rays, CARES cannot afford technological down-time. The animal hospital was looking to mitigate a variety of technology risks and network-related issues that, if left ignored, could be detrimental to the care and treatment of their patients.

They hoped to find a new partner who could offer the dependability and empathetic touch required for their special patients.

The Goals

  • Eliminate technological downtime
  • Mitigate network-related issues
  • Management of company-owned devices
  • Develop plan for flexible and proactive IT support
  • Establish dependable and ongoing IT partnership

The Strategy

After a careful needs assessment, it was clear that CARES would benefit most from a customized blend of Springboard IT’s comprehensive managed services offerings. This IT and computer services package would offer CARES an all-inclusive device management solution, proactive network monitoring, unlimited help desk support, regular onsite support, technology risk management and much more.

Included with this comprehensive support solution, both the wired and wireless networks at CARES were monitored and secured from any potential threats. All the hospital’s Apple devices were enrolled in a robust device management software called JAMF Pro, which simplified the complexities associated with updating and managing many devices simultaneously.

CARES users also received unlimited access to Springboard IT’s responsive Help Desk to handle any IT issues that arose. Additionally, a regularly scheduled onsite visit from a Senior Engineer was added to their plan in order to perform routine IT check-ups and ensure user satisfaction.

The Takeaway

When your patients' lives rely on the dependability and performance of your technology, there’s no room for error.

By partnering with Springboard IT, developing a managed services solution, and lowering their technology risks, CARES staff members finally had a technology partner they could rely on.

Now they can focus on what they do best: providing world-class patient care for injured or ill pets.

Technology Intiatives

  • Proactive Managed Services
  • Regularly Scheduled Onsite Support Visits
  • JAMF Device Management Plan
  • Technology Risk Management
  • Remote Help Desk Support
Dogs in the park
"We can’t live without our computers and anytime we have an issue Charles and Springboard are always there to help. We can’t say enough wonderful things about them. Charles is part of the CARES family and when he is at the hospital we know everything will run smoothly. He not only makes our computers run great, he also makes us all smile.”
Donna Steckley
Donna Steckley, Practice Manager @ CARES