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How Chester Charter Scholars Academy enriched their education program with EdTech solutions.


About CCSA

The Chester Charter Scholars Academy (CCSA) is dedicated to improving the Chester community through high academic achievement and artistic excellence. CCSA was founded to be a charter school where academics and the arts where academics and the arts inspire students’ minds and enrich their souls.

CCSA classroom

The Challenge

In Summer 2012 the leadership team of CCSA wanted to create engaging classrooms in cultural arts and academic subjects. Upon receiving its charter the school’s challenge was to ensure that the teachers had access to all the materials they would need to collaborate with each other, communicate with parents and create engaging lessons for their students.

The challenge was to implement a full-scale technology plan by the first day of school in September, in order to ensure that their new building would be properly equipped with the creative digital resources needed to support their diverse curriculum. 

The EdTech Goals

  • Improve faculty collaboration
  • Implemnt a full-scale Edtech plan with ongoing support
  • Equip new building with adequate creative digital services
  • Enhance parent-teacher communication with technology
  • Help CCSA make the most of their technology budget

The Strategy

The faculty at CCSA had a dream for their newly acquired space, and the innovative team at Springboard IT gave them a way to communicate that vision through technology. With little time to spare, the teams worked together to devise a complete technological plan that would set the CCSA school year up for success.

Springboard IT and CCSA formed a strategic EdTech partnership, which consisted of a EdTech Managed Services plan, specifically tailored for CCSA. This program provided the proactive IT management and ongoing maintenance that the campus needed. Covering everything from network and storage solutions to teacher computers and student iPad carts, Springboard IT provided the new school with the IT support they desperately needed. Google Apps for Education was also implemented school-wide as a tool for collaboration and communication. Not only was CCSA provided with onsite personnel several times a week, but they also received customized Professional Development sessions.

By partnering with Springboard IT, CCSA made technology collaboration an integral part of the new curriculum and ensured the instructional staff had the knowledge and resources to confidently teach with their new tools.

The Takeaway

Chester Charter Scholars Academy received comprehensive education IT support, which set the CCSA teaching staff up for success from the start. The newly formed strategic edtech partnership helped the instructional staff continue to inspire their students with workable, cutting-edge technology.

As one of Pennsylvania’s only schools that combines the academic rigor of a charter school with the creative acumen of an arts school, CCSA finally had a technology platform as unique and imaginative as their students.

Technology Intiatives

  • EdTech Managed Services
  • Regularly Scheduled Onsite Support Visits
  • Customized Professional Development
  • JAMF Device Management
  • Google Apps for Education
CCSA group of students