How Franklin Regional School District found their ideal partner for Professional Development.


About Franklin Regional School District

Located approximately twenty miles east of Pittsburgh, PA, the Franklin Regional School District operates three Elementary schools, a Middle School and a Senior High School. With nearly 3,800 students and nearly 400 staff members, the school district is comprised of a large and dedicated community that strives for excellence, achievement and citizenship in all that they do.


The Challenge

In their pursuit of excellence, Franklin Regional School District invested in Promethean Interactive Whiteboards for their classrooms, as well as Google Chromebooks for their staff and students.

As excited as the staff was to start using their new technology, the challenge would be acquiring specialized training in order to ensure the teachers had the adequate confidence and skills needed to make the most of their new tools.

The EdTech Goals

  • Improve faculty collaboration
  • Implemnt a full-scale Edtech plan with ongoing support
  • Equip new building with adequate creative digital services
  • Enhance parent-teacher communication with technology
  • Help make the most of their technology budget

The Strategy

Franklin Regional School District partnered with Springboard IT, a leader in technology-based Professional Development, to create an advanced training program to help the administrators, staff, and other educators improve their knowledge and confidence with the new Google Chromebooks and Promethean Interactive Whiteboards.

Springboard IT's Technology Learning Coordinator conducted various training sessions ranging from Promethean Whiteboard Basics to specialized Google for Education classes.

A primary goal of the partnership between Springboard IT's Education team and Franklin Regional School District was to facilitate meaningful technology integration with an emphasis on coaching teachers first. Equipped with the proper training and coaching, staff at Franklin Regional School District were able to collaborate, share ideas seamlessly, and use the devices to their fullest potential.

The Takeaway

As Franklin Regional School District embarked on multiple EdTech initiatives, they have continued to trust and rely on Springboard IT's Education Team as their primary partner for Professional Development projects.

Whenever Franklin Regional School District has technology-based PD needs, Springboard IT is always ready to help, keeping instructional staff focused on their primary learning goals while integrating new technology into their classrooms.

Technology Intiatives

  • Customized Professional Development
  • Chromebook Rollout & Deployment
  • Promethean Whiteboard Integration
  • Google Apps for Education