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How Kathy Davis Studios integrated Apple Managed Services into a vibrant and successful technology plan.

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About Kathy Davis Studios

Kathy Davis Studios is a creativity powerhouse. Their visionary team crafts whimsical and colorful artwork designs for an assortment of lifestyle products that include greeting cards, home decor, jewelry, and fine fabrics.



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The Challenge

Selling over 125,000 greeting cards daily and working on consistently tight deadlines, Kathy Davis Studios needed a reliable IT partner who could support their creative needs. They were dissatisfied with their old support provider, who they felt used too much “tech talk” and couldn’t effectively communicate with the creatives on the Kathy Davis team.

They hoped to find a new partner who could seamlessly take over their IT support needs in a friendly and informative manner.

The Goals

  • Provide friendly and informative IT support
  • Develop IT Lifecycle Management Plan
  • Offer responsive Help Desk support
  • Introduce a font management system
  • Set-up a custom network server solution

The Strategy

Kathy Davis Studios needs to maintain specific hardware standards in order to meet the pressing deadlines of their industry. After assessing the creative and technological needs of the studio, Springboard IT determined that a managed services solution combined with strategic hardware and software upgrades was necessary to achieve what Kathy Davis Studios needed.

Springboard IT designed a network server solution that enabled users at Kathy Davis Studios to collaborate and share data seamlessly. Additionally, Springboard IT introduced an Extensis Font Management solution that gave the artists easy access to the typographic resources they needed to stay productive. Furthermore, Springboard IT implemented an IT lifecycle management plan to ensure their equipment was always up-to-date. This plan ensured a three-year refresh cycle that fit their budget and gave everyone the tools they needed to succeed.

To ensure the team had ongoing support for any issues or questions that arose, the employees also received unlimited access to Springboard IT’s friendly and responsive Help Desk team. The comprehensive and customized IT Support plan developed by Springboard IT provided Kathy Davis Studios with renewed confidence that their technology would lead them to continued success.

The Takeaway

With a complete IT plan in place, Kathy Davis Studios now has an IT partner who understands their creative needs and designed a technology solution that enabled their artists to collaborate and share data seamlessly.

The brand promise of Kathy Davis Studios is, “Scatter Joy: Joy through Art, Joy through Living, Joy through Giving.” By partnering with Springboard IT, the studio can continue to deliver that promise through all of its creative endeavors, now that its technology is as dynamic as its artists.

Technology Intiatives

  • Proactive Managed Services
  • Extensis Font Management
  • Storage & Network Infrastructure
  • Hardware Refresh Plan
  • Remote Help Desk Support
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"Working with Springboard was great from the start. Everybody took the time to explain things and nobody talked over our head with technology lingo. It felt light. It felt good. We got the service and hardware we needed and even the services we didn’t know we needed! All in all, working with them is seamless and easy.”
Lorraine Bowen
Lorraine Bowen, Executive Director of Administration @ Kathy Davis Studios