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How the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society flourished from IT Project Management.

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About PHS

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) is well-known for the world-famous Philadelphia Flower Show. As the nation’s largest and longest-running horticultural event, it attracts over 250,000 visitors annually and introduces $61 million into the Philadelphia region. With that sort of volume, PHS can’t afford any lag-time with their equipment, marketing efforts, or creative technology, no matter the season.

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The Challenge

The Creative Services Department at PHS was searching for technology support, IT project management, and an IT partner who could handle the technology demands and flexibility required for the annual Philadelphia Flower Show.

Not only did the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society need support before, during, and after the flower show, they also needed their web developers to be able to work remotely just as efficiently as if they were in the office.

The Goals

  • Provide onsite support for the Flower Show
  • Offer reliable remote support throughout the event
  • Develop a customized data storage and backup solution
  • Set-up a temporary and secure field office
  • Eliminate downtime and maintain collaboration

The Strategy

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society needed support before, during and after the Flower Show. They needed their web developers, marketing professionals, and event organizers to be able to work remotely just as efficiently as if they were in the office. With these goals in mind, Springboard IT devised a project that would offer PHS onsite support prior to the show, reliable support throughout the show, and customized data storage and backup solutions after the show.

By establishing a local server at the event location and putting a data redundancy plan in place, Springboard IT’s engineers were able to replicate an efficient, agile, and off-site work environment for the PHS team.

The temporary field office was also set up with a VPN, providing secure access to digital files, printers, and remote resources. Additionally, Springboard IT collaborated with PHS’s internal IT department to not only ensure the team had all the remote support they needed, but also to confirm the team’s data was safe and secure.

The Takeaway

Event-based IT support requires special attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of a client’s IT infrastructure. Managing a recurring project like the Philadelphia Flower Show takes a meticulous and organized team of experts. The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society trusts and depends on Springboard IT year after year to manage the Flower Show project and ensure the show is a huge success.

For a team as exceptional and sustainable as PHS, they needed a technology solution to support this diverse and epic event.

Technology Intiatives

  • IT Project Management
  • Creative Suite Software Management
  • Technology Refresh
  • Onsite & Remote Support
  • Updated Server & Backsup Solutions
  • Remote Workflow Solution
Springboard is my preferred source of all things Macintosh. Because we’ve outsourced our Mac Help Desk support to Springboard, I know that any time my users make that phone call, they’re going to get a high level of courteous, prompt, and ACCURATE help.”
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Joe Robinson, Networks Manager @ Pennsylvania Horticultural Society