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PentaVision Media prioritizes their success by investing in IT Consulting.


About PentaVision

PentaVision LLC is the publishing industry leader in ophthalmology, optometry, and opticianry: producing six free-standing magazines, over a dozen subscription-based email newsletters, ten product websites, and more. As a publishing powerhouse, PentaVision prides itself on embracing innovation that advances industry practices and empowers their publishing team by providing the best technology available.

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The Challenge

After finalizing a significant business transition, and acquiring a new office space, assets, and professional flexibility, PentaVision’s IT infrastructure needed a revamp that would match their new state of affairs.

Not only was Pentavision looking to push their editorial goals forward, but also to reconfigure their creative process.

The Goals

  • Develop a scalable IT support program
  • Replace outdated machines
  • Streamline exisiting cloud storage solution
  • Improve accessibility of rich media assets
  • Eliminate downtime and maintain collaboration

The Strategy

To address their technical challenges, PentaVision met with the consulting team at Springboard IT. Afterwards, a strategy was developed to provide an efficient and scalable IT support program that would enable PentaVision to focus on growing their business instead of worrying about their IT.

To kick off the process improvements, all outdated machines were replaced and a single-platform solution was developed to manage and sync their devices. After that, Springboard IT prioritized becoming an administrator of their existing cloud storage solution, Dropbox, so the creative team wouldn’t skip a beat.

Another challenge that PentaVision faced was needing an advanced network solution that would improve the accessibility of their rich media assets. By deploying a Synology NAS network solution, large video files were synced with their Dropbox and helped maintain smooth and efficient collaboration, no matter where the team members were working. Another objective addressed in the consultative process was PentaVision’s need for day-to-day user support, a service Springboard IT’s Help Desk was enthusiastic to provide.

The Takeaway

In a fast-paced industry like publishing, which relies heavily on technology for its daily operations, it’s crucial to have a reliable technology plan in place to support users, manage devices, and protect data. By partnering with the IT consulting team at Springboard IT, PentaVision received a streamlined technology solution to reduce IT headaches, re-think their creative workflow, and offer consistent and reliable user support.

By refocusing on innovative technology, updated devices, and network solutions, PentaVision’s team of publishers were able to write, design, and distribute all their content with fewer disruptions than ever before.

Technology Intiatives

  • Consultative Managed Services Plan
  • Firewall Management
  • Synced Network Storage Devices
  • IT Consulting
  • Wired/Wireless Network Management & Monitoring
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“We have writers, we have artists, we have editors on staff. We don’t have IT people, so with our Springboard IT partnership, the culture is very much focused on creative content instead of being focused on IT. Now we keep production focused on production.”
Thomas Wilson President, Pentavision
Thomas Wilson President, Pentavision