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Red Clay Consolidated School District inspired collaboration with Google for Education Professional Development.

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About Red Clay Consolidated School District

Founded on July 1, 1981, Red Clay Consolidated School District is the largest public school district in the state of Delaware. Serving more than 16,000 students, Red Clay believes that school improvement begins and ends with outstanding classroom teaching. Reinforcing this belief, Red Clay ensures their administrators and teachers receive outstanding professional development to continuously improve student-learning.

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The Challenge

With an eye on the future and a focus on growth, Red Clay Consolidated School District planned a district-wide Chromebook rollout and a fully loaded Google for Education Professional Development plan.

With nearly 10 months to execute the Chromebook rollout, Red Clay needed a solidified plan for success.

The Goals

  • Implement successful Chromebook rollout for faculty
  • Execute training program for staff and teachers
  • Assist techers with integrating Chromebooks into their classrooms
  • Coordinate regularly scheduled Google For Education Professional Development sessions
  • Kick-off rollout with limited classtime interference

The Strategy

The Springboard IT Education team created a year-long training program for teachers and staff across all subject areas and grade levels to coach them on their new devices. The trainings not only included Chromebook tutorials, but also the ins and outs of Google Apps, the primary web applications used on all Chromebooks.

Springboard IT's Google for Education trainers also gathered with Red Clay’s instructional staff during designated PD days, after school, to receive fun, engaging support without interfering with their class schedules.

Hundreds of educators and administrators learned how to use Google Apps to improve their day-to-day operations, share resources, and most importantly, foster a successful digital learning environment. Teachers and staff received hands-on training they could take back to the classrooms, and had a blast while learning!

The Result

Investing in technology training is just as important as the technology investment itself. By partnering with the Springboard IT education team, Red Clay Consolidated School District invested in their future. The Google Apps training was especially unique and versatile because it was useful inside and outside the classroom. To top it all off, 94% of teachers said their Google training was valuable and 91% said they’d be interested in attending future Google trainings with the Springboard IT education team.

Investing in technology goes hand in hand with investing in technology training and requires a partner who is an expert in both fields. As expansive as Red Clay Consolidated School District is, they needed experts who could not only implement an effective technology integration, but also make it enjoyable, scalable, and professional.

of teachers found value in the Google training
of teachers interested in future trainings
Staff of the Red Clay school
“I found this to be one of the most valuable professional developments I’ve ever had.”
Educator, Red Clay School District
“I wish I had this training awhile ago. This has been a valuable tool to help me with my job responsibilities. The presenter was excellent :)”
Educator, Red Clay School District
“[The trainer] was extremely knowledgeable and professional. It was a very beneficial session. I would hope to have future trainings through him.”
Educator, Red Clay School District