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Merion Mercy Academy modernizes their institution by incorporating interactive technology into their classrooms.


About Merion Mercy Academy

Merion Mercy Academy is an award winning Catholic preparatory school serving some of the brightest students in Pennsylvania. Their motto, "Live Mercy, Seek Justice", provides the students and staff with a sense of purpose about themselves, their future, and their commitment to others.

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The Challenge

Merion Mercy’s challenge for Springboard IT was to help the academy modernize their classroom environments with interactive technology like smart boards and tablets.

Merion Mercy's staff would also need assistance incorporating this new technology into their lesson plans so an efficient and adequate Professional Development program would need to be established as well.

The EdTech Goals

  • Assist with the deployment and rollout of smart boards and tablets
  • Integrate interactive into every classroom
  • Coach teachers on new technology
  • Help academy make the most of their new technology
  • Establish dependable and ongoing IT partnership

The Strategy

Springboard IT started off the new partnership with Merion Mercy by implementing a school-wide Promethean Activboard integration. In order to ensure the staff was well equipped to handle, teach, and develop lesson plans with their new technology, Springboard IT’s Education Team performed customized Professional Development sessions. These sessions taught teachers how to use multi-touch features to gather facts and information, create graphic organizers, and annotate their lessons for an interactive educational experience.

After that, Merion Mercy Academy and Springboard IT began to work on another way to increase student engagement, by rolling out a school-wide iPad program. By introducing a JAMF device management solution, teachers and students were able to interact and communicate with their new tablets. Better yet, the seamless iPad-to-Activboard connection allowed students to respond to quizzes directly from their iPad tablets and enabled teachers to immediately pull up resources and results so everyone could truly participate.

The Takeaway

The results were immediate: students responded better to e-textbooks and interactive lesson plans. With the introduction of engaging digital visualizations and dynamic technology, student engagement continued to increase.

With PD sessions scheduled, devices enabled, and support readily available, Merion Mercy Academy now had an interactive classroom experience to match their already stellar reputation.

Technology Intiatives

  • Promethean ActivBoard Integration
  • iPad Rollout & Deployment
  • Customized Professional Development
  • Interactive Technology Consulting
  • IT Project Management
Merion Mercy hallways

“Working with Springboard IT was terrific. Something I really liked about the iPad and the Promethean solution was the interactivity between the two. A teacher can assign students different problems, have the students complete the assignment on her iPad, then send the answers to the teacher. The teacher can post the answers to the Promethean board for class discussion and input. I am glad we found Springboard and set up a relationship with them!”

Sister Barbara Buckley, Principal of Merion Mercy Academy
Sister Barbara Buckley, Principal of Merion Mercy Academy