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by Duncan McNabb, on Jan 15, 2019 3:01:07 PM

Welcome to Springboard IT, your friendly neighborhood Apple IT Support team. Our mission is simple, to make managing your Macs easier. You can leverage our expertise and wave goodbye to IT frustrations. With us at the helm, you can get back to focusing on what matters most: your business.   

So what do we do exactly?  It’s been established that we manage your Apple IT, but what does that all entail? We’ve broken down our services to explain how we help businesses throughout the Greater Philadelphia area and beyond.

Managed Services

Managed Services a.k.a Outsourced IT is defined by Gartner as “the use of external service providers to effectively deliver IT-enabled business process, application service and infrastructure solutions for business outcomes.”  What this means for a large business is that we can handle the portion of your company's IT that is dedicated to Macs and for small to medium-sized companies, we can manage all of your IT services for a flat-rate fee. Our partners receive unlimited access to our onsite Help Desk, full administration of their hardware, server, and network management, and also have access to a dedicated Virtual CIO. Click here to read a case study on one of our long-standing Managed Services clients.

IT Project Management

Every technology project is unique and complex. We take the time to understand what your business needs, consider all the variables, then devise a strategy to ensure you reach your goals. Our team will keep your IT projects on time, on budget, and point.

Help Desk Support

Our Philadelphia-based Help Desk is comprised of Apple-certified technicians and engineers who are eager and capable of handling all the challenges you throw their way. Our Apple Help Desk is ideal for businesses looking for workstation and user support as well as support for iOS, macOS, G Suite, and Office 365. Need Help Desk Support? Click here. 

IT Consulting

You have IT challenges, and we can solve them. Our team of business experts are ready to provide consultative solutions to help provide support and direction for your IT inefficiencies. We’ll craft a solution that fits your budget, eases your technology pains, and sets you up for success for years to come.

Network & Wifi Support

A successful IT infrastructure begins with a secure and reliable network. If yours isn’t set up properly, it could be stifling your growth. We are experts in designing and supporting wired/wireless networks, firewalls, and security solutions.

IT for Education

From Chromebook programs to managing iPads and Interactive Classrooms, our EdTech experts help infuse technology into classrooms and lesson plans. Our comprehensive EdTech Solutions ensure your technology investment is worth every penny. To learn about Managed Services for Education, click here! 

Cloud Support

There are numerous advantages to leveraging cloud-based solutions. As technology experts, we determine which cloud services will scale best as your business grows. From cloud migrations to ongoing support, we maintain your cloud solution every step of the way.

Device Management

Keeping track of your devices, so you can track your growth. When your business depends on the performance and dependability of your technology, our device management solutions can help your team focus on what you do best instead of worrying about your IT pains. 

Data Backup Solutions

Our cloud-local technology keeps your data completely protected. Access your files safely, whenever you need them. With SpringBack, our data backup solution, your business can be operational again in hours, not days, when disaster strikes.

Our IT Factor

Now that we have reviewed the services we offer, it’s important to highlight our real IT factor: our friendly and dependable customer service. Our business revolves around one thing, your experience. Not only will we help your business run hassle-free but we will do it with care and dedication. We will never talk down to you when explaining a technical problem. Instead, we speak with empathy and professionalism and always treat our client’s with the utmost respect. We are Philadelphia's leading Apple IT Specialist with customer satisfaction survey results that are 96%. We take pride in forming long-standing partnerships with our clients, and we want to hear how we can help you. 

Let’s talk about IT

Do you have constant IT issues? Is your business growing fast and not sure how to handle all the IT? Could things be running more smoothly? Let’s talk about IT!

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